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 The wax foundations are wax sheets which have pyramidal pits engraved on both sides, resembling the bottom of the bee cellule. We receive honeycombs when the bees upgrade these foundations with wax.

Quality comb foundations should have sufficient strength and resistibility of stretching. Fresh wax foundations should not be used. The best time for them to be used is after a month Or so (they become more resistant) and after that they can go into manufacturing. To do that we use automated machines.

The beeswax is boiled to a temperature of 130 degrees C so the American fullbroad's spores die. Then it goes through 3 to 4 sedimentation tanks to be purified and cleared. Roller brushes shape the wax sheet into thin strips which get rolled.

The wax rolls go through an engraving machine which forms the wax selves and cuts to the desirable length.

To be convinced that The wax foundations are high quality is necessary:

    1. Check the symmetry of the foundation of the cellules in daylight because often due to the improper alignment of the engraving brushes they are not in their proper place. In Bulgaria every manifactured wax foundation Has a number of the engraving brush under the "half maximal" label. Checking the number you can see where and by who was that wax foundation produced.
    2. It should not have black fumes or smoke when setting over a flame. The resulting drop must have the proper form and no black sludgs on it.
    3. Deceiving manufactures add certain, paraffin and other petroleum products in order to increase profits. Doing that they reduce the Elasticity and resistance of the foundations at higher temperatures.
    4. To avoid infections of the bees is required the wax to be boiled continuously over 130 degrees Celsius which is only possible with machines with transformer oil in The melting tubs. With an autoclave you cannot achieve the killing of the American foullbrood.